One-man band Robert DeLong sure knows how to entertain.

I’ve been wanting to see Robert DeLong perform for quite some time ever since I ‘Global Concepts’ landed like a comet onto my bustling interplanetary music space-station. He made me fucking dance. He encapsulated what electronic-pop was supposed to be about. He’s the closest thing to a Trent Reznor our genre has these days. So having said that, you can bet I took every opportunity to see him perform live at SXSW this year.

At the IFC Fairgrounds I braved the rain and mud to get drenched in an electronic opus that only Robert DeLong could bring. Blazing through his internet hits like ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Acid Rain’ I found myself connecting to this music probably more than other other band I’d seen live this year. Some may take the piss about people turning knobs and pushing buttons instead of making playing traditional music with instruments, but what this guy does with knobs, foot pedals and drumsticks just turns me on immensely.

The IFC Fairgrounds is probably the closest experience you’ll get to other traditional music festivals too. With their fun fair country fun approach, serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries from food trucks, getting to watch Robert DeLong here was so much fun.

I highly suggest you go see Robert DeLong perform live if you have a chance. This guy AustinRoa captured the experience quite well and what I can’t describe in words, he had done very effortlessly in video…

Check it out…