When it comes to electronic pop, the biggest headliners this year at SXSW were most certainly The Chainsmokers who were presented by Apple Music, taking over the space at 612 W 4th Street in Austin.

I’ve never seen The Chainsmokers live. When they played SXSW last year, I couldn’t quite fit them in my manic crazy gig schedule. But after their meteoric rise to fame with number one smash single “Closer”, I was quite curious how a DJ duo, flourishing in the internet age would present their live show, which was almost impossible to get into.

Why was the show so good? What I saw at SXSW this year from The Chainsmokers was just mind-blowing. Quite simply, The Chainsmokers show looks like it’s supposed to be just your average DJ show with visuals, however the crowd’s energy somewhat magically feeds directly into Andrew and Alex’s performance, resulting in an electrifying night of brain-melting electronic euphoria through the duo’s hit catalogue including “Paris”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “All We Know” and “Inside Out”. With homages to The Killers and Coldplay, even the freshest of newbies to The Chainsmokers music will find solace in something quite familiar.

Wish you were there? Well fret no longer and check out our live footage of The Chainsmokers Apple Music show at SXSW 17 below. For days afterwards, I was still experiencing the incredible high of having experienced The Chainsmokers live. When asked what my best music moment at SXSW this year was, The Chainsmokers are top of the pops for me.