At SXSW 17, I was pleasantly surprised to see EZA representing her home turf of Nashville at Teller’s on the very first night of the music festival. It literally was one of those cases where I saw her live for the first time and said, “Wait a second, I know this song” and sure enough, we searched our own site and saw that we’ve written about EZA before in September 2015 with her brilliant single “We Keep The Lights Out”.

The SXSW gig at Teller’s couldn’t be more of a contradiction though. EZA’s music is full of sumptuous and sexy electronica and on the night this was set against the spit and sawdust of the little Austin, Texas watering hole. Not a big deal at all though, we really enjoyed EZA’s set and quite honestly we really were left wanting more.

EZA physically reminds us of Mariah Carey somewhat in the way she moves and how her beautiful voice delivers an effortless silky tune. The smokiness of her voice sits well on top of her slick, laid-back beats, reminiscent of Everything But The Girl.

All-in-all, I was pretty fucking impressed with seeing EZA live for the first time as she exceeded our expectations altogether. This tiny buy mighty little electronic pop act is someone we’ll be keeping more of an eye on as she was one of the acts we took joy in connecting to at SXSW this year.

In the meantime, EZA’s latest single “Alive” is on Spotify to quench your thirst for her special brand of sensual, soul-quenching electronic pop.

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