The SXSW Film Festival was blown away last night with the world premiere screening of Baby Driver – the new action-packed comedy by Edgar Wright, iconic director of such films as Shaun Of The Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Going into the film, I didn’t really know much about it and hadn’t even seen the trailer, but I was immediately drawn in by the cast appeal which sees rising young star Ansel Elgort, supported by Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx.

Baby Driver is the story of a get-away master car driver who has suddenly found himself indebted to a crime lord who takes Baby (yes, that’s his name) under his wing for some serious criminal heists. All Baby wants is to get out of this life of crime and run away with his waitress girlfriend into the sunset for his happily ever after.

You know, after reading that premise back, it all does sound a little simplistic, but what makes Baby Driver so goddamned enjoyable is the music, which is very much a part of the important fabric of the film.

Edgar Wright explained this on the night and revealed that each and every scene is meticulously choreographed and scripted around the music. That’s even why he chose Ansel Elgort for the lead in the film. Ansel is an experienced DJ, producer and all-round music lover and that skill-set is what makes his performance as the lead character Baby so entrancing.

You see, Baby had an accident as a kid which creates a prevalent hum in his ear. To get through life and to drown out the noise, Baby must listen to music all the time to function. He needs music to hear and experience life through and that’s how this film magically ignites and comes to life. The music in Baby Driver is the most important part of the script and even more important than the actual lines each actor delivers. It’s just incredible – you have to experience this film to truly understand how it all comes together. Some might argue they don’t want a film to be like a two-hour long music video, but when it’s done so cleverly through the vision and execution of Edgar Wright, you’ll soon come to understand how genius Baby Driver is.

Reasons why you’ll like this film even more include Kevin Spacey’s persona as the crime boss, a role that he always delivers with gusto – and who doesn’t love Spacey when he’s playing the quintessential bad guy? Other notable musical appearances include Jamie Foxx who is of course a musician as well as a truly accomplished actor. Foxx plays another bad guy and Baby’s arch nemesis in the film – the two just don’t want to be on the same team together and that makes for riveting drama. Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers even makes an appearance whilst Sky Ferreira has a role as Baby’s mother – a smoky voiced singer who dies too young in front of Baby, acting as a catalyst for keeping Baby grounded and his morale in check whilst he’s doing all these very, very bad things.

Baby Driver comes out in the US on August 11th this year and I highly, highly recommend you see it. If you’re a fan of music, comedy, action and romance – Baby Driver won’t disappoint you.