At first listen I wasn't so keen on this Baby Alice track because well, yeah it's a bit of a cheese-fest, but after "Piña Colada Boy" played a few random times on the my iTunes, I got caught in it's infectious hook and 90s summer throwback quite instantly.  And I mean really, who doesn't like a good piña colada in this hot summer heat?  Even better yet, who doesn't like those cute exotic boys who serve you piña coladas with a smile are what this song celebrates – quench that thirst baby!

Take a listen to "Piña Colada Boy" over on Baby Alice MySpace page and get caught in it's trap just like I did.  The track has some serious fun remixes too that I've heard and if the video that's being made lives up to it's hype, then you can bet Baby Alice might just have a serious summer hit on their hands.