On Friday night I was invited down to the O2 Arena to see hot new pop vocal talent Edei perform as a support artist for JLS and as someone who has really appreciated her first two music videos for “In My Bed” and new single “Loved“, I was really curious to see how she would handle the massive sellout crowds. Having only been gigging in some of London’s more inimate venues just mere months prior, all I can say about Edei is that she totally owned that stage on Friday night and delivered one hell of an impressive set.  And let’s be honest here, all the little horny tween girls weren’t really there to see Edei perform now were they? 

What I love about Edei is that she’s a confident, poised and polished performer.  Her ability to bring a crowd into her world of fun horns, doo-woopy 1960s overtones and musical shoulder bopping fun is quite impressive.  I didn’t really notice it until I saw her live, but Edei has a Joss Stone quality about the way she performs – she’s upbeat, energetic and loves what she’s doing.  Perhaps the highlight for people experiencing Edei for the first time that night was her rendition of Cee-Lo Green’s “Forget You” which always commands a reaction when new artists perform it these days – you could literally see all the mobiles coming out to catpure the moment for YouTube.

All in all – I was amazed at how Edei handled the masses at O2 arena – she most certainly delivered and I hope that everyone who enjoyed watching her like I did on Friday night, goes out and seeks her music out.  If you’re a fan of Eliza Doolittle, then I’ll just say this – you’ll be a MEGAFAN of Edei – guaranteed. 

Let’s watch “Loved” again shall we…Oh, and JLS were quite good too.