Dynasty Electric

You can’t beat a frenetically slamming disco moment in my experience. You know, one of those that is relentless in upbeat drive, wall to wall with neon strobe luminosity and a hot mess of Studio 54 residue with a tweak of vocoder technology.

Sounds like a good time doesn’t it? and here’s the thing, retro-futuristic pop group Dynasty Electric from Brooklyn, have welcomed this very electro alchemy to be shaken through their signature beats to flesh out a heartier and diversely colour ranging disco experience that ripples through their just released album “Euphoria”.

In making the album, the group have taken on a unique approach, recording only skeletal versions of tracks, whereupon the band sort out musicians through their social networks and crowd funding sites to remix, produce and plump up the minimal jams with beats for final placement on the album.

In introduction to the album “Euphoria”, lead single “Supersonic Love” weighs in with a full measure of the above electro alchemy, when colour splashed in remix by Dan Freeman of fellow Brooklynite electro-funk / art collective Comandante Zero.

This remix in particular is like all the best bits of a discothèque in funky town revolving it’s supersonically paced energy into a mirror ball explosive mix.