Stephen Cullis 2

Emerging pop act Stephen Cullis is having an identity crisis and he’s seeking to remedy this neurosis by the compilation of a concept EP that will factor in a number of tracks with each track taking on the specific role play of a new character. Hence the “Identity Crisis” EP.

Stephen has christened himself with the porn star named alter-ego of Ronnie Star for his latest star-turn in front of the mic, when revealing the second cut to be lifted from the EP of “Supa Lover”.

A lothario lost in his philandering ways, the character of Ronnie Star is a serial romeo of one-night stands who beneath the playboy façade yearns for his own supa loving monogamous coupling, only he’s too embroiled in his ways to realise that it is he that requires re-thinking his ways to ensnare his hearts desire.

The quest for a “Supa Lover” match is set to the neon strength of a palpitating radio friendly electro house jam and highlights the ambling starry eyed romantic vision that Ronnie Star serves upon himself.