I’ve been following Daniel Robinson pretty recently as I’ve been really pulled to his heartfelt electronica. It’s the type of music that just really transcends to the majestic clouds in my emotional musical soundscape. His music is just completely soulful, yet experimental enough to be totally relevant in today’s musical climate. Daniel Robinson even won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest not too long ago, only proving further that his music is truly touching those that it reaches.

It give me great pleasure to debut Daniel Robinson’s new music video “Sugar” here on EQ Music Blog. I think you’ll find this track completely enveloping – sort of like a warm cocoon of amazing audio bliss.

I asked Daniel what “Sugar” meant to him and this is what he had to say…

“When you fill your mouth with sweetness, you aren’t very concerned with the impending stomach ache, a future of rotting teeth, or a high number at your feet. Similarly, when you’ve convinced yourself that love is sleeping in between the teeth of a soulless behemoth, you aren’t concerned with losing vital parts of yourself. Addiction to harmful substances and addiction to harmful people instil the same reckless blindness. “Sugar” is about losing that, and seeing things exactly as they are. This song was my moment of clarity.”

Make sure to pick up “Sugar” right now on iTunes. The entire “Guesswork” EP is one that you should be adding to your collection however. You heard it here first.