Lovestarrs 1

Just as we were just getting our sexy on with the newly christened Lovestarrs (formerly The Good Natured) the indie electro pop trio turn tack with a cautionary love song that shouldn’t rain on anyone’s Valentines parade, but you know the candy hearts vision of all things love story just isn’t the ride that most of us encounter anyways.

The little voice in Lovestarrs Sarah’s head, becomes the big singing voice of Sarah’s inner thoughts, as she counsels herself in the do’s / don’ts of attraction and crossing the lines between friendship to relationship.

My life lessons have taught me that if I was ever to write a letter to “Stupid Cupid” it should be addressed to C/O the bar, the pub, the office party, even the supermarket is no escape from the fluttery wings of a cherubic would be suitor these days.

Although, the LovestarrsStupid Cupid” pangs with a pulsating beat, and twangs with the bad ass smack of slap bass guitar strings, and it’s also just a little FREE DOWNLOAD morsel of Lovestarr’s music to own before single proper “Get Your Sexy On” drops at the end of March