I don’t know how this slipped passed my radar, but Mark Owen has released a new music video for “Stars” a few weeks ago and it’s not bad. Not amazing, but not bad. Mark Owen is probably in my opinion, the most likeable member of Take That and his previous solo albums aren’t bad either .“Green Man”, “In Your Own Time” and “How The Mighty Fall” are great listens that I have throughly enjoyed the hell out of them when I was going through my credible pop/rock phase – yes, that was actually a thing for awhile.

I have to wonder though, why is Mark Owen so obsessed with the end of the world? With “Stars” it’s all about trying to get off this planet and with “Four Minute Warning” (his biggest solo hit) it was all about the impending doom of our world. Something tells me that in the midst of taking out his recyclables, Mark Owen has a lot of time to ponder the fate of the universe over a good glass of red.

Look out for Mark’s new album “The Art Of Doing Nothing” to be dropping in June.