Vinyl, VHS and Beta have practically been banished to the cyber bins for years now, with CD Format edging closer to the chamber of disguarded tech wares every year.  The sound of the digital age is that of click and play and it couldn’t be more immediately available at our e-fingertips, for instant streaming, purchase and play as High Street stores board up & make it available online to the hungry music buying audience of today.

A subject that is explored and candidly portrayed by Irish synth pop band Empire State Human and London based avant-garde pop figure Massive Ego on collaborative effort “Sound Of The Download”.

Displayed with an 80’s synth aura “Sound Of The Download” takes on an on-point  vision of today’s online accessibility citing it’s loopholes of  piracy, leaks and illegal  disposal that cripple this generations format.

“It’s the sound of the download leaking, you love the sound but bypass my Paypal”

Food for thought and illuminiously synth exhilarating.