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During The Great Escape Festival 2008, Brighton welcomed a sea of music fans from all corners of the UK.
The festival’s lineup of artists stretched even farther than our shores, with a global confection of dance, indie, pop & rock acts that easily rivalled the latter’s sugary namesake in terms of variety and teeth-chipping colour.
It was the calm before the red-haired and solemn-faced storm, with guests Florence + The Machine and The XX still strangers to the big stage (just!) …Gotye was apparently there too (as somebody you probably didn’t know), Santigold wasn’t but Santogold was…Oh! Plus, a Danish troop of ABBA-channeling nutters (living on “fascination”) who were continuing to charm everyone (including me) with their unabashedly happy day-glo disco pop!

While the flotilla of hipsters and ravers gathered in excitement over other brilliant bands like The Whip, PNAU, Crystal Castles, Hot Chip and The Slips, I planned to throw seaside shapes to someone else on the top of my list…
When I say someone, I mean ‘Sometime’ who were in fact an Icelandic synth-quintet playing not once, but twice during the festival and all in the space of a few heart-melting hours.
Ever since I’d fallen head over DMs in love with their song ‘Optimal Ending’ (it even became my MySpace profile page song. We were that serious) I’d prayed for the day I could see them hit the stage. Anyway, I did (I was the swooning fangirl at the front), I died a little and most of all; I wished I’d packed some TENA for Men in my suitcase the night before.

4 years later, singer Diva de la Rosa and band founder theDanni are still making emotionally charged pop music together, only Sometime is now considered a duo. Their curiously titled EP “Acid Make-Out: Music From the Motion Picture” consists of all the magical elements found on their debut album, just this time around they’ve been melded together with a more meticulous yet smaller set of eyes.

Diva de la Rosa’s hypnotic voice evokes all the smoke-saturated splendor of 1950s jazz clubs. Mix her romantic vocals with theDanni’s spaced out synth beats and heart-yanking scratching (most synonymous of course with hip-hop & 90s dance music) and you’ve got a sound that flirts so heavily with nostalgia, you’re transported to some blissful time/genre-less utopia — where anyone wearing a smiling yellow face on their t-shirt is free to do so with a dry martini in hand.
It’s Pacha meets NASA via Ronnie Scott’s, so strap yourself into that space suit, or Cadillac, or whatever, hit play and get ready for an addictive trip to hedonistic Reykjavík and back.

Their latest single ‘Decide’ is currently featured in the new Síminn/Spotify campaign in Iceland. You can purchase the song along with the full  ‘Acid Make-Out…’ EP on iTunes here: