Vero2Over the weekend, The Veronicas‘ new single has popped out of no-where, and now can be found on seedier parts of the Internet. It is called ‘Hook Me Up’, and on the right you can see a very, very small picture of what it is believed the cover is going to be. That’s right: two telephones with their cords ‘hooked up’. Oooh…

Now that ‘the news’ is out of the way, what do we think of the song? Well, it isn’t that bad. It is much more ‘electro meets pop in a dark alley’ than their last album, ‘The Secret Life Of’, which was pop to the extreme. In some ways, this song then probably represents a change in their sound from the pop-rock chic girls that they were, to the more experimental second album sound that they can now afford to have fun with.

This though doesn’t mean that you will love it. After listening to it fifteen times now, personally, I’m not too sure about it. Maybe it is one of those songs that takes an age to get into? Maybe? And maybe once you get into it, you will lose that voice that keeps shouting ‘The Sugababes could have done this so much better if they had been given a chance’.

However, while that is all that is going to be said about the actual song, it does seem right to quote – in part – this message from The Veronicas’ forums, by Lisa, one of the two that make up the duo that is The Veronicas.

"GUYS! I have no idea about why the song is already on i-tunes (we are
currently contacting WB etc to find out).. but very much appreciate the
fact that you guys are so excited!!! I hope you all love the track- and
the new sound  xoxo"

Just reading it should, hopefully brighten up your life – and show that shit happens to popstars too. (Along with them being gifted with bad grammar and punctuation skills).

In their case, a single was put on to iTunes early; in your case you might of been hit by a bus and placed in hospital for sixteen weeks on a life support machine – all of which goes to show that you should be worried about big things in life, be it big corporations, or big things.