Hi everyone – Just wanted to say thank you for all your emails and tips – they are truly appreciated.  We’ve been getting the question a lot lately, "So why do you call yourself Electroqueer?  You mostly report on pop music!".  Well yes, that is true.  We at Electroqueer LOVE electronic-based music and are the first to report on what’s HOT on the electronic music scene, but we don’t like to limit our download recommendations to electronic music only – we want to recommend what’s HOT to you from across the pond and beyond – that’s our motto.   

Now in true Electroqueer fashion, we were at Depeche Mode’s show in Wembley Arena on Monday and were treated to a fantastic show which included some of their greatest hits which you should download if you don’t already own these tunes…
So here are your daily download recommendations – featuring the highly decorated and mostly underated, Depeche Mode…All songs as featured on their recent ‘Playing The Angel’ Tour and picture taken with our trusty Motorola PEBL phone at the show!

030406_2213Everything Counts

Just Can’t Get Enough

Never Let Me Down Again 
Behind The Wheel

A Question Of Time

Shake The Disease

Enjoy The Silence

Personal Jesus

Walking In My Shoes

John The Revelator

A Pain That I’m Used To.

Also – The Bravery opened up for Depeche Mode and they were phenominal – The best opening act we have seen in a long time.  Think of Nine Inch Nails meets The Killers.