Rising pop artist Indiana has yet to find herself covered here on EQ. Now it’s not an oversight by any stretch of the imagination as the blogosphere hyped lovely, quite bumps our excitement levels in the original edit of her hypnotic sultry disco track of Roisin Murphy-esqueness “Solo Dancing” yet it lends a scope whereby, it is open to reinterpretation with room for more glamming up upon the electro content.

Freshly adhering his dibbs on it is established electronic dance music trailblazer Chris Lake, who elevates “Solo Dancing” to a big roomed sized mosh of EDM house ignited raveyness. Conjoined with Indiana’s seductively alluring vocals, this fix is eargasmically tipping us over the boiling point of abandonment.

……….and we would be doing an injustice if we didn’t also share out the innuendo themed video wouldn’t we! – God help us now girls if we should ever catch a glimpse of our down below’s after seeing this, since there’s a frame at 3:05 that is particularly disturbing to me and freaking me the fuck out. This is an image that will stay with me and likely as not to bring on an episode of coulrophobia if this event should occur.