We’ve had far far too much sugar today and it’s all just a big pre-emptive sugar-rush type thing as we get ready for the big festivity tomorrow that we are dubbing ‘Electroqueerpolooza 07’. So to give you a hint at all the party train madness that has happened today and that’s going down tomorrow…here is the 411 – in Random Rant style baby!

  • We went along to the Darren Hayes Media Showcase today and caught up with ‘the usual suspects’ Megan, Clare, Joyce, Ema and Manu (who gave me a cd to listen to by Elisa – gratzi). Darren’s opening remarks of the show – "So…I am a practising homosexual". Brilliant.
  • Darren also talked about America being so weird about gay marraige and that he has the best press officer who gets him good press like this in Time Out Magazine.
  • While at the show – we danced with Antigone who was looking lovely jubbly as usual and we discussed lots of fun stuff – including our next date at Coffee & Kink – now what is that you ask?! You’ll have to wait and find out!
  • Got home today and found 4th Child’s promo CD of ‘Now I Found You’ in our mailbox – Aaahhh! We are deee-lighted about that!
  • Tomorrow at 10:30am – Naked Highway arrives and will be party crashing at our loft. We expect Sy to cook us breakfast in the buff. LOL. Just kidding.
  • 5pm – We are having a lovely phone interview with the one, the only…Tiffany! All in part of the big Tiffany feature we are planning for you. Let’s hope we don’t get hit by a bus tomorrow…cuz we’ve been waiting our whole life to do a big feature on Tiffany. Le Sigh. We need to tell you a story about how we almost risked life and limb to see Tiff once perform at Nightingales in Birmingham…tramatic baby!
  • 7pm – It’s off to Soho Revue Bar again for another Darren Hayes Club Delicacy night…and we thinks that the mighty Temposhark may be opening for him…now we don’t know fo sure…but we are really really hoping they do! We hear Darren has a new suprise cooked up for the show too! You’ll be sure to get the deets here first peeps.
  • 10:30pm – It’s off to grab the posse otherwise known as Louise and Claudia (aka The EQ Sugamamas), Evi and Jay (big Dragonette fans) and Clare and Hilary (Darren Hayes uber fans) for Electro Popshow starring not only our houseguest for the weekend – Naked Highway, but also Switch22! Yes – Naked Highway will be poppin and droppin it alonside Swany and SDB who will be shakin it like 1985.
  • And on Sunday – well, we are just chilling out with our new kitty cat and getting to know new albums ‘Just Me’ by Tiffany, ‘Galore’ by Dragonette and ‘Ghosts’ by Siobhan Donaghy…and if you haven’t read The Hot Stuff Files insightful interview with her, you a damn fool. Read Now.

So that’s it. Electroqueerpolooza. It’s all on baby. We might not be able to wake up from our pop and electro fantasia on Sunday, so if you don’t get a blog from us on Monday – don’t be alarmed. But feel free to bitch slap us in the comments.