So it seems EQ has stirred up some opinions over on the forums of his Russian website.  EQ is just too gay for at least one of Sergey’s fans apparently – or at least that is what I can make out of translating the thread – it reads roughly "the blog isn’t qualified to talk about Sergey’s music – they are more interested in the appearance of boys".  Well, maybe a sliver of truth to that if you take all my comments seriously, but I’m sure if Sergey or his lovely manager Annie thought "like that" they would have never agreed to let me interview him. 

So just get over it people – it’s 2007.  And for the record, Sergey’s music is absolutley lovely, inspired and pop genius, regardless of whether or not this blog’s author is a homo.  We want everyone GLOBALLY to know that.  He deserves to be a huge superstar.

And he does have lovely hair doesn’t he? – I thought it was a great question for an interview!

But what do you think…