I'd like to introduce you to Sleepthief.  

He's an emerging American electronic artist whose new single and video to "World Gone Crazy" is nothing short of spine-tingling.  He's been finishing up his new album too called "Labyrinthine Heart" which is slated for a late August release and it's sounding like a electronic feast for the senses with guest vocals from the likes of Kirsty Hawkshaw and Zoe Johnston to name just a few.  

Take a moment to get acquainted with Sleepthief and his thoughtful, mood-provoking electronica over at his MySpace page, but for right now – enjoy the online premiere of his new single and video to "World Gone Crazy" – quite simply one of the most visually stunning music videos I've seen all year…

The vocalist and male lead in "World Gone Crazy" is an artist named Coury Palermo – you should check him out as well…amazing voice.

About The Video
The video for "World Gone Crazy" (directed by Eric Hueber) portrays the story of a female vampire (Christa Mikaela Miller) who is stalking her prey (Coury
through icy forests. Through the duration of the video, the female creature forces her victim to endure various tests in order to determine whether he is ultimately strong enough to "convert." Clearly, the hunting of the black rabbit by the vampire's pet wolf is symbolic of her hunt for the human. As a subtext, the video speaks to the fact that while some relationships are driven by hunger and desire, those same relationships may impose constant hardship and struggle on us.