Say hello to Teitur – he's a singer/songwriter from the Faroe Islands who I've been listening to a lot lately on MySpace.  If you're a fan of Antony & The Johnstons, Rueben Butchart, Esser, or Rufus Wainwright, you'll probably fall in love with Teitur's velvety voice and interesting and ambient sound.

Coming from the Faroe Islands has really been a true inspiration to Teitur – he explains;

“There is no getting away from the fact that the Faroe Islands have influenced me. The place is very dramatic, the weather conditions are averse, there is a lot of silence, it’s a part of me, it’s in my dreams, it is hard for me not to put some of that atmosphere into my music as I feel so attached to it.”

Take a listen to the offbeat first single "Catherine The Waitress" – released on February 2nd, to get a feel for the quirky, enveloping mood music that Teitur produces.  His album "The Singer" will be released shortly after in the UK.  

Side note: "Singsongstars" is a new category here on EQ which will highlight some of the brilliant new one-of-a-kind singer/songwriters or acts that are emerging in 2009.