There's something about Max Vernon.  

He's got the quirk factor mixed in with a heavyweight songwriting style that strikes a curious chord in me.  At first when I heard his stuff, I didn't quite get it.  But then I couldn't quite ignore it either.  Maybe it was the fun piano version of Ace Of Base' classic "All That She Wants" that had me swaying in my chair or perhaps it was the strange plunky arrangement of "A Good God Is Hard To Find" that perked up my ears…

But what I do know is that "When Your Body Breaks" is just magical.  It's like someone took a heaping spoon of fairy dust and mixed a light-hearted Coldplay track into it.  I think you'll understand what I'm going on about if you listen to his tracks on MySpace.

Max is currently putting together his debut CD and has been captivating the queer/art/fashion/avant-gard scene in New York and something tells me – he may just win us all over.