So tell me – Would you hate me too much if I rebranded to just be EQ? It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile and the blog will still be named “Electroqueer” but since everyone calls me EQ anyways, I think it might be a good opportunity to rebrand myself to just “EQ”. What do you think? Send me an email or a comment to let me know your thoughts. Here is a little sneaky-peak at the direction of branding I may go in…nothing final – I’m still stewing over it, call it “Identity Crisis” if you will (get it dorks?) but I’d be uber curious to hear what you had to say about it.


However, one thing that will never change about EQ is the rants! So here’s the musical bits of pop nonsense that have been floating around me noggin this week.

  • Duffy has been working me. God, why can’t Amy Winehouse be more like her. Her album “Rockferry” has had me in a “I-kind-of-like-this-Dusty-Springfield-vibe” all week. It’s like a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day.

  • Madonna’s new song “4 Minutes” i’m kinda so-so with now. It’s not like I can really have a huge opinion of it based on that French Radio leaky thing, but I remember feeling the same way about “Hung Up” when I first heard it and because it grows on you like a fungus, which I ended up loving of course. I actually was more excited about “4 Minutes” when I heard the Timbaland live bootleg of it a few weeks ago, but the French dude screaming over a low-quality radio rip just kinda ruined it for me…more on that later…

  • Totally loving the new iTunes widgets. Did ya see em on the page? I personally think they rock and I’m quite picky when it comes to widgets. If you didn’t notice, I also added a Retro video section too. If I was a blogger in 80s, that is the shit I would have been shouting from the mountaintops. I’m your Venus.

  • Oh my god. The dude also known as Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly lives in my building! I totally saw him getting a taxi from my building yesterday and he was talking to a few residents like he’s known them for ages. I thought that was totally cool considering I’ve just bought his album and have been enjoying it.

  • What’s with these American Idol contestants and their saucy stripping antics? Don’t you know that to be a successful American heartthrob you need to be squeaky clean? Fucking rubbish. Oh gawd, everyone should just fucking get naked, then maybe it won’t be such a big deal.

  • Private are (quite possibly) releasing a remix album! It’s all a little hush hush now, but I’ve heard it and it’s really fun! More official news on that coming up soon!

  • I’m totally fizzing at my robotic gash (not my words, but someone else’s words at describing EQ’s excitement) about electro lifestyle blog “Electro Plankton“. Check out the linkage – it’s rather fucking cool. I plan to buy everything they feature on their blog.

  • Nelson Clemente is on iTunes! Go and download “6th Perception” now bitches! Nelson is saving up for a plane ticket to Boston to shoot his video and the only way he is gonna get there is by selling EPs! So go out and do it now! Our 6th perception also did notice that Nelson is sporting some new sexy skin pix on his Myspace and Facebook pages. Naughty Nelson – but nice biceps dude!

  • Everytime I see that photo of Swany from Switch22 below, I crack up. Swany you so rock my world. Asian-power. I want to be known as “The Pad Thai Bitch”. Don’t fuck with me rice noodles. You, me and Chinatown – is it a date?

  • And finally I leave you with the new disco vid-e-o from Bob Sinclar featuring Steve Edwards called “Together” which is released digitally 17th March, and in the shops March 24th. I love the happy-feel-good vibe to this song and the first opening scenes feature London and Thailand – my two favourite places. You know, they’re isn’t anything wrong with smiling these days you sad sods. C’mon forget your troubles and get happy – let’s do it “together!” Grab a coke and a smile bitches. The holidays are coming…ok, I’m smoking crackberries again…I think I’ll move to Rockferry.