Cyndi Lauper 2

This is where you get to understand that the writer of this feature is not a mere 20 year old slip of a thing! being that I can quite clearly recall the day in the 80’s when I brought together 2 weeks worth of pocket money to go buy Cyndi Lauper’s now iconically regarded debut single “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”.

Well golly gosh and gee em! I find it quite unfathomable to think that the said track and the debut album “She’s So Unusual” from whence it came are 30 years young this year, since that kidadult in me has remained at a constant of 14 years old, naturally!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun” came as a breath of fresh air onto the music scene and out of it Cyndi’s empowering lyrics became every girls best friend in the form of an equality stamped pop anthem, but also equal to that, we loved that she came from out of the ball park, was bright, sassy and worldly wise with it.

In commemoration of these 30 years that first marked Cyndi Lauper on the pop map, an anniversary edition of the debut album “She’s So Unusual” is to be released, comprising of 2 options, a 2 disc deluxe edition featuring the original album, rare demo’s, and live recordings as well as some 21st century glitzed up remixes, or as the one disc original album inclusive of the remixes.

Examples of the blisteringly awesome remixes are conveniently placed below.