Born out of the bedroom disco scene, we have seen and loved upon the blithe dance floor hitting tracks filtered out over the years by Nottingham multi-talent Ronika.

I believe for nearly as many years as I have been blogging, it has been so.

That is quite a few tracks to have nailed down, all of which have flashed the disco genes in a day-glo, neo-brite electro-soul fashion, primarily firing off the hot tips of learning out of the likes of Studio 54.

In announcing her forthcoming debut album “Selectadisc”, Ronika impacts the online media with an insight into the fresh and feel good long-playing release by imparting of the track “Shell Shocked”.

Taking it right back to the beginning of the disco / electro-house evolution, “Shell Shocked” aligns upon a freestyle groove of syncopated beats and cosmic disco leaning influence, with Ronika’s soulfully poised vox gliding effortlessly upon the bed of animatedly glowing beats.

Put your pre-order in for “Selectadisc” (which incidentally is named after Nottingham’s once iconic independent record-store that shut up shop 5 years ago) and you will instantly be given “Shell Shocked” for your custom.