Okkam-01 Demonstration from yoctopus on Vimeo.

You’ve probably heard me go on and on about how I adore Justin Shave and his amazing musical skills. He’s one talented man and could very well be the next Stuart Price in my humble opinion. Not only is he the main man behind a lot of Darren Hayes current sound, but he’s also Antigone’s main music maestro as well.

Shave and Antigone have produced her fantastic new album "Antigoneland" using this strange looking, but quite marvelous, custom built machine called the Okkam-01 that you can see demonstrated above by the man himself.  For all you hardcore electronic music buffs, you’ll really gonna cream your pants when you watch this.  It’s a true indicator that you should be working with Shave if you’re want to be on the cutting edge of future electronica.

Visit Shave’s MySpace for more information on him and his amazing Okkam-01.