Lola Blanc 2

If it isn’t that bright young talented and rivetingly sassy one Lola Blanc blazing back onto the scene and nailing down another delicious candy coated glittery bon bon of electro pop crafting, like an exuberantly overloaded glitter gun of confetti popping it’s cork unabashedly at all the pure fun pop dismissives out there.

Lola returns after last years audaciously vivid tune “Bad Tattoo” to colour in some time prior to the release of her debut EP coming later this year, by offering the playfully electro pop dizzying track “Shangri-La” in the first instance as soundtrack upon the latest YouTube tutorial of beauty and fashion guru Michelle Phan.

Keeping all her options a buzz, the astute business head underneath the bubbly pop persona of Lola is also throwing “Shangri-La” wider out there as a FREE DOWNLOAD if you might engage in a little exchange of tweets for it.

One thing that I DO know is Lola’s pop impression of “Shangri-La“, is nothing like that moody popster Jake Bugg’s of experience of it & clearly vice versa.