The return of The Sound of Arrows began with a bold new direction on “Beautiful Life“. The duo of synth smiths had invited in a whole orchestra and expanded their sound greatly, pushing the parameters towards pop increasingly more.

On follow up, single “In the Shade of Your Love“, Oscar and Stefan create a swell of synth layers which oscillate with a dreamy synergy. Working in sweet harmony with guest vocalist Malin of Niki & The Dove’s majestic presence.

Like “Beautiful Life“, again everything is so epic and vast. I would go so far to say, “In the Shade of Your Love” sounds like Christmas in July. This might not be what you’d be expecting to hear in the midst of summer, as it’s no generic dance anthem.

What you get with “In the Shade of Your Love” is a masterfully produced pop opus which feels as though it belongs to a much bigger concept. I’m hoping for the use of lots of visual footage enhancement when the band goes out on the road to promote.

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