Set The World On Fire‘ has been Harry’s musical mantra from the moment she stage-dived out of the womb (I say “musical” because as far as I know, she’s no pyromaniac.)

Since her days as insuppressible rock darling ‘Dirty Harry‘, she’s been lighting fires from behind both club decks and studio desks alike, under her new DJ/producer moniker ‘The Amazonica.’
Not only is The Amazonica a new name for Harry, but also a free pass for the savvy starlet to explore beyond her relationship with rock and roll. No longer will “early Madonna meets Nine Inch Nails” be her every reviewer’s go-to comparison in the pages of NME…as with a firm love for EDM and dubstep now added to her sonic palette, this blonde bombshell is rapidly shifting into an entirely different beast on the dance floor.

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That said, her latest track to emerge on SoundCloud, ‘Set The World On Fire‘ (a taster from a recent recording session) is more of a laid-back affair when compared to anything previously out of the Amazonicatalogue – like her brilliantly ear-crunching, speaker-thwomping, beat-dropping, Prodigy-esque 2012 single ‘Mirage’.

Showcasing The Amazonica‘s sugar glass vocals and cutting conviction, ‘Set The World On Fire‘ sounds more fragile at first than frenetic. As Harry sings “from the smallest spark…” the soundscape begins to burn busier and brighter with every glossy beat and affirming lyric thereafter. Their synchronicity is perfectly apt, as the overall song itself grows from tiny plucks and echoes into the sound of synths vibrantly chirping and exhaling like a great big mechanical bird (think M83/Crystal Castles.)
Before you know it, the adrenaline is pumping through your veins while our heroine turns from breakup burn-victim to born-again phoenix, “taking seat on my throne.”
This is an altogether different anthem to Mirage but an anthem no less. One that starts off alone in the bedroom but ends up in the club, victoriously punching the air in sweet slow-motion.

[social type=”facebook” opacity=”dark”][/social]So if you need a little help feeling empowered while dancing your arse off in 2014, let us present you with your newest warrior. Follow The Amazonica and prepare to be set alight.