Sergey has had quite a few news updates as I stumbled upon yesterday. Aside from hobnobbing with the glowing Whitney Houston above, he’s released a new video to “Almost Sorry” which surprisingly he opted for a Russian language version which means it’s primarily for the Russian market, but nice to see a new VERY expensive and uber-dramatic video from him nevertheless. The song is also available in English from his “TV Show” album.

“Almost Sorry” – Russian

In terms of the UK album release, fansite Sergey Lazarev America is reporting the tracklisting (after the jump) which is really really interesting. Now Sergey told me that “Lost Without Your Love” wasn’t going to appear on the album, but take a look – it’s there, alongside the lucious poolside video on the DVD. Should this info be true, then I’ll be a happy little EQ. I’m a little apprehensive about this tracklisting though, mostly because Sergey dropped a few hints in my last interview with him that it was supposed to contain a few new songs for the UK market and this tracklisting contains almost every song off of his first album for “Fake” and only the best songs from his second album “TV Show”. But plans change and things evolve, so if this tracklisting is true, i’d still be a happy camper…

Also make sure to visit Sergey Lavarev America too – It’s a great fansite and they are offering a mashup of Sergey’s “Music Under My Skin” which has been covered by Martin – the winner of Danish X Factor.

UK Album Tracklisting – rumoured
1. Shattered dreams
2. Everytime
3. Girlfriend
4. Music under my skin
5. Shiver
6. Fake
7. Can’t let you go
8. Lost without your love
9. Beautiful
10. Eye of the storm
11. Do it for me
12. Nobody told me
13. Someone like you
14. That’s where I belong
15. I’m Gone

16. Do It for Me [Groove Brothers Extended Mix]
17. Shattered Dreams [Metro Mix]
18. Fake [Metro Mix]

1. Shattered Dreams
2. Everytime
3. Fake [Gay Club Mix]
4. Lost without your love
5. Eye of the storm