Following his recent club tour of the UK, Sergey is back on May 12th with the release of "Girlfriend" which will be followed up two weeks later with the highly anticipated UK release of "TV Show" on May 26th.

I am looking forward to the UK release of the album – obviously with a capital ‘O’.  It will be most interesting to see how Style Records and Sergey’s management ends up doing the UK packaging and strategy when aiming for Sergey’s success in the UK – as the music market is vastly different in Russia.

Regardless – this is pretty exciting news!  It’s great to see Sergey gaining some momentum and interest after all these months of me going on and on about how poptastic I think he is.  I reckon it’s high time for Sergey to take up temporary residence in London again!  Don’t you?

If you can get your hands on the remixes to "Girlfriend" – they are amazing.  I love the Buzz Junkies remix!

UPDATE:  It looks like "Girlfriend" is actually being pushed back to June 16th now.  Sergey must need some time to work on his summer tan before releasing the single.  Tee-hee.