Last night I finally got to see Sergey perform in Londontown and it was beyond amazing.  I have been waiting for Sergey’s London debut for quite awhile since I first stumbled upon his stellar cover of Johnny Hates Jazz smash hit "Shattered Dreams" last July.  Upon one listen to that fab pop tune and some swift research on the web shortly after, I found a genuine pop star that ticked all the right pop buttons and I couldn’t wait to pen fantastic about him on this blog for readers worldwide.  I swore I wouldn’t let EQ turn into a Sergey fansite, but sometimes the excitement over pop brands that work just takes over and well, you end up getting a lot of news about Sergey as a result.

Sergey is probably one of the only artists that could keep me up until 3am on a "school night" as they say.  Taking to the stage at 1:30am to a crowd of usual London eclectics, party pimpers, dragsters, "ModFabs" and Russian hardcore fans, Sergey and his troupe of dancers gave an electrifying performance of new single "Girlfriend", "Shattered Dreams" and very surprisingly, "Flyer (Under Fire)" – which I didn’t really expect to hear, but very happy he chose to perform this for the London audience.  I couldn’t help but think that "Flyer" would work very well as a single in the UK.  Crowd reaction to this song was nothing short of mesmerizing.  You could just look at their faces and knew what they were thinking…

"This Russian guy has something".
Expect young Londoners to be visiting the web and Googling "Sergey" today with impatient enthusiasm just like I did months ago.  More fun snaps of Sergey’s performance last night can be found in the official EQ Facebook page over on

Thanks to everyone at Style Records and to Sergey for making a rather mediocre Wednesday night a total blast!  You’ll be hearing a lot more about Sergey on EQ as we get closer to his album release in the UK in May.