So today sees the release of Sergey Lazarev's new highly-anticipated long player "Electric Touch" in Russia and like the dedicated fan-boy that I am, I am searching everywhere for a copy of it.  Yes, that is the album artwork above and in a press release issued just today, Sergey Lazarev had this to say about his new album which is being released in partnership with Sony Music.  (Translated from Russian)

"I have put my all into this album and this experience.  I spent a lot time, effort and money on this record and I am proud of the result.  This is truly a fashionable and current record for the times.  It should be in style for the next few years. "Electric Touch", without a doubt, is a new stage in my work."

Very cool – I can't wait to hear it obviously – new music from Sergey always just makes my day a little brighter!

Full tracklisting for "Electric Touch" can be found after the jump!

1.   Alarm
2.   Electric Touch
3.   Money On Love
4.   She Said
5.   Slow Mo
6.   Emotions
7.   Lazerboy (feat. Timati)
8.   She Is
9.   Sexy Automatic
10. Heartbeat
11. Stereo (HarDrum version)
12. Find me
13. Instantly
14. Feelin 'High