Look – it’s Sergey on the cover of Russian Billboard.

I know – you’re amazed I haven’t written about Sergey in like a month or so…

Sergey Lazarev has unveiled his latest english language single “Stereo” which he has been performing all over Russia lately.  “Stereo” marks the lead single into his third solo album which is currently in the works from what I hear.

I’m a little sad that he really didn’t launch in the UK as planned.  Even with the support of Jay Sean’s managers behind him, you would have thought they could have gotten him out there more, but alas these things happen and I’m sure there is a plan B in the works.  But in the meantime, enjoy latest single which has him whoring himself to you via means of modern day technology and all forms of social networking to get himself seen and heard by your fine selves.

Glad to see my boy is keeping it electro-pop too.  Enjoy this little live performance of “Stereo” too which has lots of semi-clad naked ladies in it…For all you hardcore fans out there too, Sergey has uploaded his Erasure cover of “I Love To Hate You” on his official MySpace profile.