Sergey at London’s Heaven nightclub last night where he performed "Shattered Dreams", "Girlfriend" and "Flyer".  This PA was highly energetic and the crowd absolutely loved him!

Sergey mania hit the UK again this Bank Holiday weekend in which the Russian superstar played Birmingham Pride on Sunday, a highly energetic PA at London’s Heaven last night and a show in Newcastle this evening.

Sergey_eqEQ got to catch up with Sergey before his soundcheck for an exclusive second interview in which we will be posting very soon.  In the upcoming interview, Sergey gives us the exciting scoop about his UK album release, a Special Edition remix compilation that he is putting together, the sound that will be explored on this third album, his thoughts on Tatu’s new controversial video, and what it’s like being a superstar in Russia versus a new artist in the UK. 

Sergey also gave us a copy of "Girlfriend – the Electro Radio Remix" which is BEYOND stunning and completley re-invents the song with a cool new bassline, new electro bits and chorus re-arrangement!  Totally loving this new mix!  "Girlfriend" is officially released in the UK on June 16th.

It’s all very exciting EQ’s so make sure you check back soon for the interview…in the meantime, you may want to check out Sergey’s new Bebo page on