Back in late 2005 we were prompted to buy Second Sun’s album ‘Inside Out’ for the sole reason that Tiffany sang alongside this dance duo on a hot club track called ‘He Said, She Said’. When the album arrived, it didn’t leave our iTunes favourites playlist for quite a long time – we were pleasantly suprised at this electro gem that we found!

Antoine and Adam of Second Sun describe their work as ‘serious party music’ and one would definitley be caught under their trance with just one listen to their new EP ‘Uncovered’. ‘Uncovered’ is a mixture of a few of their tracks from ‘Inside Out’ intertwined with superb cover versions of some great pop songs including ‘Pop Music’ and Depeche Mode’s ‘Dream On’ (which we think is just as good as the original!). It also has a more refined radio mix of ‘He Said, She Said’ which is fierce.

‘Uncovered’ album cover – aren’t these boys sexy?
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Second Sun live