Natali Yura 1

Budding pop starlet Natali Yura has already garnered a lot of attention with her sensational vocals having been scouted by legendary film producer / manager Martin Bregman, in turn inking her instantly with Sony Music / Bystorm Entertainment.

Korean born and of Russian parentage, Natali has got more than a hint of exotic about her, as does her upcoming debut single “Scream For Love”.

Which is a big room anthem filled with euphoric waves of club bopping bounciness teamed with a voice so delectably elegant yet arresting by merit of it’s mesmerising allure.

There is no reason to doubt that Natali Yura’s Scream For Love” will be played out, and out, and out, on the club circuit, with a sea of bobbing heads and fists punching the air, all caught up in the dance popping moment of it.