Have you ever sat around, eyes closed, headphones on, and wondered what Depeche Mode would sound like as a female band?  I have; quite a few times, I might add. Thankfully I no longer need to sit around contemplating this for hours on end! I've found my answer in the form of Scarlett and The Pixels. 

With their debut song "Sea of LCD", the London-based group not only channels Depeche Mode but an array of other early 80s underground techno groups and throws in their own personal flair, ensuring they will stay on repeat for quite a while.

Take a listen below to the mysterious Daniel Avery remix to get a taste of the delicious vocals and make sure you take a listen to the single version of "Sea of LCD" over on their Soundcloud.

Scarlett and the Pixels – Sea Of LCD (Daniel Avery Remix) by Scarlett and the Pixels