"Ohhh, look what I did, I went and made a brilliant song and didn’t put it on my album…."

Sam Sparro is one naughty bugger.  On his latest digital release for "21st Century Life" Sam has included one of the best b-sides I’ve heard in a long time called "No End In Sight" that conjures up early Depeche Mode and Divine in her glorious electronica hay-day.  Fans outside of the UK are in a bit of a tizzy too as it’s not widespread on all digital outlets yet.  They should be in a tizzy too, it’s an absolute stomper of a track and only available on the digital EP for now…My spider sense detects some illegal downloading to commence…   

Please take note:  If you love Sam Sparro, you’ll be in absolute heavenly synthesizer bliss once you’ve downloaded "No End In Sight".  It’s better than "Black & Gold" if you ask me.  It should have been on the album – it would have made up for the underwhelming "Cottonmouth".  But – that is just my humble opinion.