Sam Sparro

Discovering a remix can turn a good song into a great song. “Wish I Never Met You” by Australian singer Sam Sparro is a prime example. The heartfelt neo-disco track made a triumphant return to my mp3 player with the help of producer Devil’s Gun. The record begins with a soft rock intro that transitions into a high energy club anthem. It proves that an upbeat breakup song can cure any broken-heart.

London electronic producer Devil’s Gun continued the party with the release of his EP, “Macho Gusto” at the end of the year. His impressive remixes are currently shaking the London club scene. Like Devil’s Gun, Sam Sparro is no stranger to the dance-floor. His sophomore album “Return to Paradise” received rave reviews for gracefully bringing disco back to life.  The lead single, “Happiness” is reminiscent of music you might have heard at a popular nightclub in the late 70s. Sparro’s strong vocals and gay anthems over club beats by Devil’s Gun is electronic gold.

Why cry it out when you can dance to the rhythm of your healing heart.

Let the fun begin!