By Javi Lopez

Warning: “The Hunger Games” spoilers below.

Beautiful, simple and sentimental are the only things that come to mind when I saw Taylor Swift’s new video for “Safe & Sound”. The way Taylor vocals effortlessly mix with The Civil Wars guitars is just pure beauty.  “Safe & Sound” as a song is in a word – perfect.

If you have read “The Hunger Games” books as I have, the only thing that comes to mind when Katniss is late to save Rue was this song – “Safe & Sound”.  I cried so much when I first heard this song as it takes me away from home and puts me in Katniss’s shoes and all that happened to her while in the games.

I really expected actual scenes from the movie though – that is the only bad point of the music video, in my opinion.  Neverthelesss, it gave me goosebumps and is making me more anxious for the movie to come out – I’m expecting it to be LIFE CHANGING.

“The Hunger Games” is coming to cinemas March 23rd and we are DYING to see it.  If you are of the Kindle kind, read the books, they are HIGHLY recommended. The world will be watching.