Manou 3

Right now, I’m really approving of the influx of young gurl talent that is steadily appearing and not necessarily moulding themselves into mainstream fodder.

It’s a move that has worked for Lorde isn’t it! and there are others like Foxes and Daughter, who are equally rounding up an expanse of interest for their left-of-field vision.

Brought to our attention just today, is another emerging female singer Manou, who on introduction trademarks a similar sound path on “Sadie”.

On first look Sophia Manou appears to possess a rosebud persona, the vocals are floaty, tumbling gracefully with an alluring sweetness, yet set against a frothy backdrop of synths flecked with atmospheric and chiming accents it evolves into a prize piece of electronica that definitely harbours some traits that call to mind AlunaGeorge.

Currently working with Amy Winehouse, Dido and Eliza Doolittle producer PNUT, makes for an interesting branch of direction in gauging how this project might further develop.