Shake out your little black cloaks as a new Prince of darkness is amongst us, his name is Russell Dean Stone or for the abbreviative happy refer to him as RDS.

Simply as a solo artist Russell brings something a little different to the table in these times, flying solo as a lone Goth Pop figure Russell calls the shots not unlike Placebo’s Brian Molko.

Russell’s debut piece is the sonically androgynous and sprawling call to arms “I Don’t Need You” that has been co-written by French producer Dimitri Tikovoi, cohort to many and amongst them Charli XCX, Placebo and Goldfrapp.

I Don’t Need You” is like the bitterest pill you ever did swallow and as you digest it you will be filled with a pensively introspective grey-scale rainbow of dark tastes seeping out from it’s veins, pumping a steady flow of neo-classical pop noir that’s in keeping with the combined greatness of Molko, Numan, Gahan and Hutchcraft.