Daniel Robinson

There has definitely been a buzz surrounding electro pop singer/songwriter Daniel Robinson for a while, the New York native has found himself swamped in praise for his debut EP offering “North” that went on to score him first prize in the electronic category of the 2012 John Lennon Song-writing competition for it’s track “The Last”.

I listened in to the “North EP” myself last year and can testify that it did harbour some budding aptitude, but I also felt that the project maybe required a little more maturing time to win me into it’s electronic grasp.

Secured with growing knowledge Daniel affirms my objective opinion as he brings to the table new work “Running With The Wolves” in introduction to his forthcoming Sophomore EP “Guesswork”.

As insight into the next phase of Daniel Robinson, “Running With The Wolves” brings out a shimmering effort fully complimenting Daniel’s softened and airily light vocals that when brought together glide into a flow of twinkling electronic radiance.

Running With The Wolves” is available as of now through Bandcamp