So there's this rumour going around that Lady Gaga was forced to change her act for the UK Royal Variety Show – people are saying that she wanted to perform her "drenched in blood" routine but organizers got scared and ordered her to alter the performance.  I don't quite think this is true – I think Lady Gaga would have some respect for The Queen and not do something so shocking for this type of show – she's smart like that.  But regardless, we do have some photos of the performance in which we see our Lady of Gaga enduring the heat of a "blood red" rubber PVC outfit.  It's not fashion unless it's painful right?

After the jump, check out the video of Queen Gaga meeting Le Queen of England.


"Cant reach my, can't reach my, no you can't reach my Poker Face"…


"I'm a pop icon, show some respect!"