Alex Adams 1

When we were introduced to Alex Adams initially via his intriguing hybrid pop nostalgic buzz track “Lola”, we also detected that a soulfully R’n’B direct vibrancy lurked within the scope of the newcomers pop exterior.

So it is in follow-up to last years “Open Eyes” EP and single release “Control” that Alex now comes through with material in the form of the compelling soul driven but pop centred “Rubies”.

Giving an outing to some impressive vocals styled and seemingly steeped in the emanating spirit of Michael Jackson, it is now apparent that Alex has his head turning talent on full display.

Rubies” makes use of an underlying belt of pattering drum and bass presence, which really is becoming against those especially soulfully honeyed and impassionedly delivered vocal tones. The overall effect of it is quite hauntingly giving actually and feel it is not so much of the stereotypical nature that usually burns of a drum and bass happy dance track, since “Rubies” is every bit generated with a pop sensibility that assists with an outreaching general popular music cross-over appeal to it.