Looking through my collection of movies, I found a few films worth to be enjoyed once again. Even though everyone is looking forward to watching a premiere, I think among movies from the ’90s and ‘00s are some that really need to be appreciated. I have selected a few for a series of weekend watching and advise you to do the same.

This week I’d love something risky. How about “Rounders”? If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you have to add it to your “must see” list. And here is why. Just listen to a part of the story and I’m sure you will be looking forward to finding out what’s the end of the movie.

Mike McDermott is a talented poker player, who had lost $30K to a Russian mobster Teddy KGB in a poker game. After this incident, he focuses on his law school, promising his girlfriend to never play poker again. He also gets a part-time job as a truck delivery driver, in order to survive.

Mike has kept his promise since his friend, Lester “Worm” Murphy is released from prison. Lester has to pay some debts he had before going to prison and asks Mike for help. That’s why Mike goes back to rounding again, even though this “activity” interferes with his law studies and his relationship with Jo.

As Lester is given only 5 days to pay off his debt, Mike decides to help him earn the needed $15K Even though Lester insists on cheating, Mike is determined to play straight. Together, they play several games and, when they were around to earn the full sum, the couple was caught cheating. This is how they lose it all. Lester is determined to leave the city, being afraid of the man he had owed the debt. Then he reveals to Mike that the man he owes the debt is the Russian mobster Teddy KGB, who years ago destroyed Mike’s life.

Mike cuts off the relationship with Lester and refuses to run out of the city. He is determined to meet his enemy face-to-face and pay him off for forcing Mike to leave the game.
Here is the point of the story where I will stop because here is where the real risky tale begins. Watching the movie yourself, you will find out the ending, as it is too provoking.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, you should learn something more about the casting and the production. The “Rounders” drama was released in 1998, directed by John Dahl. Find out more about the movie here. The cast is simply amazing. I love the actors and the way they have given life to the characters and the movie as a whole. Just take a look; here is Matt Damon, Gretchen Mol, John Malkovich, Ray Iannicelli, Martin Landau and others.

Matt Damon fans will really enjoy this movie – one of his best works. I’m saying this because I really loved the main character. An ambitious young man, a gifted poker player, who knows his real value and knows for sure, what he wants. He is not afraid to risk, not losing a false friend. But what is most important – he is a real winner and knows, how to win even in casinos like webcasinopros.com. And if you’re waiting for a typical Hollywood ending of the story, get prepared to be surprised.

The IMDB rating of this movie is 7,4 of 10. See more here.

Great actors, good music and risky atmosphere – just imagine, for a second, that you are Mike McDermott getting prepared for a risky adventure.