D.I.Y. music artist Ronika sure has been stepping up on the pop stage over the past year or so, and it’s all now tied-up in such a glossy production than from the earlier days of her disco-wave stirrings that intrigued me firstly through “Bricolage” her combo with Lillica Libertine.

New single “Rough n Soothe” positively exudes with pop confident charisma, a wholly hot and bouncy bass line and a freshly squeezed juicy drop of tropical disco to seal the deal in.

I cannot listen to this, without getting flashbacks to Evelyn Champagne King’sLove Come Down”, who knows it  may have in someway been a source of inspiration on this. If so, it sets the bar high but it is also smashed right through with this sleek and glistening slab of tropically urban hot, foot stepping dance.