When it comes to longevity in pop music, there aren’t too many artists that come to mind that I actually can say I’ve grown up with. So how nice is it in fact that one of my teenage dream bands, Army Of Lovers have put out a new remix package called “Rockin The Ride”?!!,

When “I like your beard” Alexander Bard isn’t rocking out with Gravitonas, coordinating the dance-floor disco drama of Alcazar, pounding the synths in BWO, he still manages to find time to hook up with his Army Of Lovers pals once every few years or so to give the fans a piece of pop candy, satisfying our intense hunger for some sugary sweet pop confections, with a dash of weird.

Unwrap a lollipop, put on your shades and rock out on your iPod with this one. No matter how much older we get every year, you can still be fabulous, quirky, weird and wonderful, something that the genius of Alexander Bard knows all too well.