This was just announced!  Robyn will be supporting Madonna on a few European dates of the Sticky & Sweet Tour!  Very excited, it makes me want to go and buy tickets for a show outside of the UK now! 

Robyn will be appearing with Madonna on the following dates!  Totally exciting news!  Zurich is one of my favourite cities…sounds like I need to find some tix on eBay now!  Robyn, you’ve officially arrived girlfriend.  Getting the nod to open for Lady Madonna must be so thrilling!

UPDATE: Robyn had this to say about opening for Madonna: "Having been a fan of Madonna since I was a little girl, I’m very excited about sharing a stage with her and playing to her audiences…I’m thrilled."  Awww bless.

26-August  Nice: Stade Charles Ehrmann
28-August  Berlin: Olympic Stadium
30-August  Zurich: Military Airfield Dubendorf
02-September Amsterdam: Arena
04-September Dusseldorf: LTU Arena
09-September Frankfurt: Commerzbank Arena
14-September Lisbon: Parque da Bela Vista
23-September Vienna: Danube Island
27-September Athens: Olympic Stadium