We’re beginning to turn into a bit of a Robyn groupie now…

Last night Gerilicious and I made our way up to London’s Scala in King’s Cross to check out Robyn’s show and it was the biggest show we’ve seen Robyn do so far.  Complete with multi-colour lights and an up-for-anything crowd, Robyn wowed the audience with her high-energy show we’ve come to love. 

Robyn also revealed to the crowd that the next UK single will definitely be ‘Be Mine’ and that it’s one her favourite songs from her album.  In fact she loved the song so much, she sang it twice.  But our girl didn’t stop there either, she also sang ‘With Every Heartbeat’ twice as well in which the slower vocal driven version was the final song of the evening.  Robyn couldn’t help but notice that the crowd was certainly larger than any UK show she has played…could it be that she is just getting more and more popular by the minute?  We thinks so, as just today it was just announced that she will be playing a show at the legendary Camden venue Koko on 28 February in which you can buy tickets for now

At the aftershow party, Geri and I had more than a few Smirnoff Ice’s and socialized with all the peeps before deciding to head out when by complete accident, we ran into Robyn as she was just making her way into the party!  She was of course a doll and stopped to chat with us and it always amazes me that such power and exuberance can come from such a tiny woman.  What a powerhouse she truly is.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lorne Thomson – take a look at his other amazing shots of Robyn’s Scala show and portfolio here.